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Dark Heart Nursery

Delta X Family Farms

Quality you can trust!

Delta X Family Farms is a leading model in the industry demonstrated by education, development, and achievement. We pride ourselves in providing a superior product with hard work and dedication to the craft of safe and responsible cultivation practices.

From our humble beginnings in the central coast of California our team of cultivators have always had a passion for high quality flowers grown responsibly from start to finish. This means hard work and dedication to learning the trades and techniques needed to maintain a superior product.

You’ve heard it on the news and read it in the papers about most of the products you will find in merchant shops are laced with dangerous chemicals and saturated with hazardous pesticides. Many growers, especially large commercial facilities, will do anything to get their sub-standard product to market, in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar, with little to no regard to consumer’s safety and health.

We pride ourselves in providing a superior product with hard work and dedication to the craft of safe and responsible cultivation practices. We NEVER use PGRs, Systemic Pesticides, or Hazardous Poisons in our gardens.

What are PGRs?

PGRs, or Plant Growth Regulators are basically plant hormones used to control, or regulate, a plants growth, density, and yield. Mostly used on ornamental plants, trees under powerlines, and golf courses; all NOT intended for consumption. Many of the chemicals used in the regulators are poisons and considerations to liver damage, cancer, fertility and other side effects should be taken seriously. Many of the products containing PGRs have been banned for use in California.

What about PGRs used on agricultural crops? You’re not smoking your Avocados for the effect! Even when used correctly, they do not take the ‘combustion’ of these chemicals into consideration when research studies are done for crops intended for consumption. Also, keep in mind the level of exposure can be significantly increased when flowers are processed into your favorite concentrates such as hashes, waxes, and oils.

What are Systemic Pesticides or Fungacide?

Systemic pesticides are chemicals that actually circulate within the plant and accumulate in the plant tissue.

Unlike, conventional pesticides that are mostly topical in nature, meaning they only remain on the surface, systemic pesticides can remain in the plant throughout the entire grow cycle even up to harvest. Many of the same dangers found in PGRs can be found with the use of systemic pesticides.

Resposible cultivation practices.

At Delta X Family Farms, we take the time to know and love our plants. We only use all natural and organic solutions to help keep the bugs away and proven cultivation techniques to maintaine healthy and hearty plants.